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Editor. Book Coach.

Hello! Carly here. Nice to meet you!

Despite what you may have heard, nice editorial professionals do exist! I am not here to attack, nor to gouge out the soul of your book. I'm here to help you attract the eyes of agents and publishers. Let's make your manuscript the best it can be.

My job is my passion. Anything book related and I am all in. I have a unique book coaching program that I have crafted specifically for my clients. My training and experience have gone into creating a fun, supportive, and effective plan.Or, book a manuscript evaluation and find out what needs work. Set yourself up for success!

As editor or book coach, I am here to help. Assist. Steer gracefully. I am just here to help you shine. From editing for flow, style, and structure to helping you get your book written, consider me your go to book guru. And I love it!

Book a Free Consultation

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Get in touch today for your free sample edit, or consultation. Find out if we are a good fit, no commitment necessary

We'll talk! I'll drink tea! We'll make a plan for your success.

Whether your book is just an idea or a completely finished draft, I can help. Trouble getting your ideas down? I've got you. Chapters written but stuck bringing it all together? Not a problem. Draft is done but the story isn't clicking, or maybe you're struggling with query rejections? We'll figure out what needs tweaking. 

Or, maybe you need help with the more intricate fabric of the book. Your structure is sound but something with the flow or wording isn't working. I know what to do.

Editorial and book coaching services help to finish and polish your work and get it ready for publishing. If you're not sure what services you need, fill out the contact form or send an email. I am always happy to help.

Line editing

Stylistic editing for evil geniuses

Line by line, we will work on your book together. With the smoothest language, the clearest intentions, and the most interesting adjectives, we will draw in your reader. Muahaha!

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Commas and spelling. Snore!

Just kidding, I love it. Let me take care of the boring stuff. Grammar. Mechanics. Spelling. I'll make sure your text is correct and consistent. Yes, yes. I am weird.

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Structural editing

Literary architecture.

Hard hat? Check. Tape measure? Check. Great pen? Check. Let's ensure your book is structurally sound in both organization and content.

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Book Coach

Great Idea. Full Battery. Can't Lose.

Consider me your Coach Taylor. I am here to help set out your ideas, structure your work, set (and keep) deadlines, maintain plot clarity, consider genre norms, respect character development, organize research and book material, and more. I'll cheer you on. I'll (gently) push you forward. I'll help you through the crises (including of confidence) and I'll end with an inspiring speech.
Well... only maybe for the speech. I'll try my best. A sentence at least.

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Manuscript Evaluation

Great! An excuse to write letters and use my insane attention to detail.

With my best pen and fanciest paper... wait, no. Sorry.


With my loveliest PDF document, I will provide you with in-depth information on your book, as well as suggestions for next steps. I will give you an overview of your book's strengths, weaknesses, and interesting concepts. I'll pinpoint areas for you to revisit.

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Get in touch today. Let's see if we are a good fit and discuss how I can help you and your book.

Let's Go.

I Believe in you!

Whether you're a new author or already experienced in the field, I want to help you achieve your dreams. Let's get your book written, edited, and ready to query or self-publish. You've got this!

Get in touch for your FREE sample edit or first chapter coaching feedback. Let's see if we are a good fit, no commitment necessary. 

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Is she nice? Is she mean? Does she help?

Let's find out!

What Clients Say:

Carly Scott did an amazing job in helping me craft the world of my novel, Cosmogony. She did an amazing job in the line editing of the piece, and she also did an amazing job in making sure the characters’ story arcs came full circle. She took note of the genre, style, and goals of the work, and she helped me to highlight the best parts of my creative voice in the final product. She even went above and beyond in making sure the book lived up to the ideals and values I hoped to portray, and she helped me to produce a work I was proud of and happy to share with the world. I highly recommend her services as an editor and hope to work with her again in the future!
- Christopher Wheat
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