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Editor. Proofreader. Ghostwriter.

Hello! Carly here. Nice to meet you!

Despite what you may have heard, nice editorial professionals do exist! Being one myself (If I do say so, unbiasedly) I can attest—it's true!

I am here to help. Assist. Steer gracefully. Think of me as a helpful golden retriever. And well trained! I am your loyal, kind sidekick, just here to help you shine.


Let's Go.

I Believe in you!

Whether you're a new author or already experienced in the field, I want to help you achieve your dreams. You've got this! Let's go!

Get in touch for your FREE sample edit. Let's see if we are a good fit, no commitment necessary. 

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What They’re Saying

Is she nice? Is she mean? Does she help?

Let's find out!

Carly was easy to communicate with and provided 3 very well written articles at an exceptional price. Would highly recommend!

Tom Bainbridge

Carly did a great job with original creative content. Thank you!

Keith Brando

Carly is excellent, thorough and lovely to talk to! She took my writing, improved it and kept my voice intact. She took the stress out of the editing process!

Heather Barnes

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Get in touch today for your Free sample edit. Find out if we are a good fit, no commitment necessary

We'll talk! I'll drink tea! We'll make a plan for your success.

Editorial and ghostwriting services help to present your work and ideas to the world. If you're not sure what services you need, fill out the contact form or send an email. I am always happy to help.

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Line editing

Stylistic editing for evil geniuses

Line by line, we will work on your text together. With the smoothest language, the clearest intentions, and the most interesting adjectives, we will draw in your reader. Muahaha!


Correctness and accuracy. Snore!

Just kidding, I love it. Let me take care of the boring stuff. Grammar. Mechanics. Spelling. I'll make sure your work is correct and consistent. Yes, yes. I am weird.


A final polish. Or, a detective's dream?

Let me just pull out my Sherlock hat and magnifying glass. I will make sure that no errors have been missed and that none have been introduced during layout. Nothing shall get past me!

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Structural editing

Literary architecture.

Hard hat? Check. Tape measure? Check. Great pen? Check. Let's ensure your work is structurally sound in both organization and content.

Manuscript Evaluation

Great! An excuse to write letters and use my insane attention to detail.

With my best pen and fanciest paper... wait, no. Sorry.

With my loveliest PDF document, I will provide you with in-depth information on your manuscript, as well as suggestions for next steps.


 Boo! Jk...

Think less poltergeist and more...invisible word and phrase provider.

Do you have a story to be told? Maybe it's a memoir, a biography, or a speech. Maybe it's a story or children's fiction. If you have a message or idea but lack the skills or confidence to put it into writing, let me! I will stay true to your voice.

Get in touch today and get a free sample edit.

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Carly Scott. Editor. Copywriter. Ghostwriter. Proofreader. Extraordinaire.

Carly Scott

Word Enthusiast

Member of the Editors Association of Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, the Association of Ghostwriters, and CIEP.

Editor, ghostwriter, sidekick, cheerleader.

You Can Do it! 


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