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  • Carly Scott

Some editors are really lovely, I swear!

Just call me Editing Girl, super sidekick extraordinaire!

Twitter, the office, the mountain tops ... you've probably heard it before. Editors do not have the best reputation. I get it! You spend a lot of time, love, and sanity on your manuscript. You feel like its part of you. And then, along comes your editor ready to stab, strike out, and delete. And, as such, our reputation is that of a scaly, fire-breathing dragon. Or maybe a shrivel-y, cackling witch. I dunno, probably depends on the story. But, I digress.

The point I am here to make is that some of us are really lovely, I swear!

I promise, pinkie swear, make oath and say, we care about your work. We love the written word. We want nothing more than to help you bring it out into the open in its best, most wonderful form. Need help getting your ideas on paper? We are here! Need someone to help ensure the substance is plump, persuasive, and perfect? At your service. Need some mechanics checked? Aye, aye, Captain! Style help? Me, me, me! Final proofread? Over here!

Let me help you succeed.

You run this ship (all of sudden I am going quite nautical with this, aren't I? Captain? Ship?). You tell me what you need and I will help. You ask me what your work would benefit from, I will assist. We work together to plump, polish, and perfect (I promise I will explain my preoccupation with editorial plumping in another post). Ultimately, you decide what revisions and suggestions to implement.

I LOVE books. I love speeches. I love words. I love my work. And I am a nice person! I am fun, upbeat, slightly sarcastic. But great to work with, honest! You see, us lovely editors (the best kind) are here to help. Assist. Steer gracefully. Think of us as helpful golden retrievers. And we are well trained!

Yes, golden retriever, thats a good metaphor. A loyal, kind sidekick. Sidekick! Yes! You're the superhero and I am just here to help you shine.

Just call me Editing Girl, super sidekick extraordinaire!

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Oct 20, 2020

Very interesting. I love reading your writing, it's so fast paced and exciting. Can I ask what it means to plump out writing? 😊

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