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Structural Editing

Literary Architecture (AKA developmental editing)

Hard hat? Check. Tape measure? Check. Great pen? Check. Let's ensure your work is structurally sound in both organization and content.

We will work together to make sure that your manuscript is as structurally sound as possible. I will focus on the shape and content of the text. I may move around content, reduce wordy sections, plump up sparse sections, solidify plot and character, and ensure content flows logically (which sometimes leads to reorganization of content).

I also clarify theme and message, ensure they are consistent throughout, and ensure they are strong and will hold up to scrutiny. I've got my wrench. Or hammer. Screwdriver? I dunno. Ok, clearly I don't know anything about construction. Regardless, I have a trusty toolbox ready for literary evaluation.

Other tasks may be included as needed. At the beginning of the project, we will discuss what is required and make sure your needs are met. We can also work together throughout the project to make sure needs are met as they arise. 

You are the artist and I am just helping you organize your creative works. With a literary measuring tape. Blogging step ladder ... coffee. I use coffee. There. Thats my secret tool. 

Your work has potential, and you know it. Creative, strong, purposeful. I am just getting it ready to meet that potential. Like wearing you're best outfit to an interview. And brushing your teeth before you go. 

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