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Manuscript Evaluation

Great! An excuse to write letters and use my insane attention to detail.

With my best pen and fanciest paper... wait, no. Sorry.

With my loveliest PDF document, I will provide you with in-depth information on your manuscript, as well as suggestions for next steps.

I will review your manuscript with a very close attention to detail. And I promise, I am kind, open minded, and I only want to help you achieve your goals. I am not looking to pick apart your work, I want to suggest areas for review, revisions for clarity or refinement, and ideas you could consider. My only goal is to help you achieve your goal. Lets make sure your reader gets the best material—your material, just edited for polish. My letter contains ideas and suggestions for you to consider when revising and editing.

I will focus on content and organization. Factors such as characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, structure, subject relevance, believability, and research required. It also involves looking at technique, style, clarity, voice, tone, audience appropriateness, and more. With kindness and cheer! I swear!

How you use my letter is up to you. Follow the suggestions you want and leave the ones you don't. Or burn it!

I hope you don't burn it. It will be useful!


I've Got Your Back

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Thanks for submitting!

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