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Manuscript Evaluation

Great! An excuse to write letters and use my insane attention to detail.

With my best pen and fanciest paper... wait, no. Sorry.

With my loveliest PDF document, I will provide you with in-depth information on your manuscript, as well as suggestions for next steps.

I will review your manuscript with a very close attention to detail. And I promise, I am kind, open minded, and I only want to help you achieve your goals. I am not looking to pick apart your work, I want to suggest areas for review, revisions for clarity or refinement, and ideas you could consider. My only goal is to help you achieve your goal. Lets make sure your reader gets the best material—your material, just edited for polish. My letter contains ideas and suggestions for you to consider when revising and editing.

I will focus on content and organization. Factors such as characterization, dialogue, setting, plot, structure, subject relevance, believability, and research required. It also involves looking at technique, style, clarity, voice, tone, audience appropriateness, and more. With kindness and cheer! I swear!

How you use my letter is up to you. Follow the suggestions you want and leave the ones you don't. Or burn it!

I hope you don't burn it. It will be useful!

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Manuscript Evaluations

Available Now

Quick Check


You are finished your manuscript and you're almost ready to publish or to query. Put your manuscript through the quick check process. I will give you a report with important issues needing your attention. ** coaching through revisions not included. Price based on max. 90 000 words.



A full report on your manuscript citing the issues present and the next steps suggested for addressing them. If you wish to engage in monthly coaching after this report, you will receive 25% off the monthly price for max. 3 months ($321.75/month). Price based on max. 90 000 words.

Deep Dive


A robust report citing issues, suggested remedies, and specific examples for you to follow. I will provide examples from your work and suggestions for fixing them. You can then apply them for the full manuscript. If you would like monthly coaching after this report, you will receive 25% off the monthly price for max. 4 months. Price based on max. 90 000 words.

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The Tiny Notes

All prices are based on a maximum of 90 000 words. Over that, additional charges may apply. Please contact for for more details. All prices are in USD. Taxes may apply depending on jurisdiction. Manuscript programs allow for 25% off coaching prices if you choose to go through the book coaching process after receiving your manuscript report and/or comments. Quick Check and Beta Reading are  not eligible for this offer. Maximum number of sessions does apply depending on the program. Offer available on Monthly Coaching sessions.

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