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Carly here. Just a kind and lovable book lover with a language obsession.

I love books. I have a strange, perhaps unhealthy obsession with them. I think about them all the time. Not just in terms of plot, story, or message. No, I think about how it was crafted. I think about the author deciding to add a particular element. I think about character growth, foils, and plot structure. I think about things some people never spend two minutes on.

Now, I could consider treating this odd characteristic of mine. But, I decided to create a career instead. I love spending my days honouring your work and helping it reach its highest potential.

I love to read. I read fiction and non-fiction. I read crime novels, cozy mysteries, romance, literary fiction, women's fiction, police procedurals, fantasy, and more. I also read poetry, memoirs. children's development and psychology books, psychology, books on mental health, and more. I read... a lot.

I didn't think I would ever like audiobook. But then I became a parent. Oh, and I have fibromyalgia which sometimes makes it hard to hold the book up after a day of work (it is also why I started knitting on a loom, but, I digress). So, needless to say, I embraced the audiobook. I now have love and respect for all book forms. 

I love to write. I mostly write short stories and fiction, as well as creative non-fiction. I also do some poetry. I enjoy writing the odd vignette, too. 

I have been an editor for many years now but I found book coaching a little later. I realized how much I love to help an author realize the gold they already have. Sometimes a piece of the basic blueprint is a little out of place. Knock it back in you're often good to go! I also love the knowledge I gained of the publishing industry as a whole and how to really help my clients get published.

I mentioned I am a parent. Right. Back to that. My daughter is a truly mischievous delight and my goldendoodle is a laid-back gentle giant. I will just get this out there right now — my daughter's middle name is Hermione and my dog is named Weasley. There. Now you know. Generally, my husband and I try to burn their energy out together on the trails nearby our house. 

I want to help you achieve your dreams. As an editor, I will help you polish your manuscript to and get it ready for publishing. As a writer, I want to help craft the message you're looking to send. 

As a book coach, I will help you get your book started, finished, or moving again after a delay or block. I am compassionate and I know what it's like to be putting a beloved story onto paper. 

Beyond all that, just know that I love writing, I love the English language, and I love to focus on the tiny details that make all the difference in the world of writing and publishing.

Oh, and if you're ever looking for me, you'll find me in a comfy chair with a cat, a cup of tea, and a good novel.

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Carly Scott

Word Enthusiast

University of Toronto: HBA (english literature and political science)

Misc. universities/institutions: post-graduate studies in editing, copy editing, line editing, style editing, developmental editing, structural editing, and book coaching.

Member of the Editors' Association of Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, the Association of Ghostwriters, and CIEP.

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