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Consider me your Coach Taylor. Coach Boone. Coach Lasso. Mister Miyagi. Mrs. Miyagi? I am here to help set out your ideas, structure your work, set (and keep) deadlines, maintain plot clarity, consider genre norms, respect character development, organize research and book material, and more. I'll cheer you on. I'll (gently) push you forward. I'll help you through the crises (including of confidence) and I'll end with an inspiring speech.

Well... only maybe for the speech. I'll try my best. Some comfort at least.

I have my own Iris & Ink book coaching program created from my book coaching education and experience working with clients. I tailor a plan to you and your needs.

Book coaching is one on one. I will meet you where you are with your book and together we will figure out what you need. We will plot, organize, structure, cheer (and cry, maybe), write, revise, and get your book written. We will anchor your book with a clear blueprint. I will assist you right through to your proposal and pitch, even helping you begin your path to publishing.

Packages include one on one live virtual sessions as well as weekly email check ins, email assistance, and more.

Needs are different for each writer and each book. Check in with me if you'd like to know more!

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Pricing Examples. Prices Vary and are Subject to Change. Some Services Will Require Added Tax.

$429/Month. Minimum 4 months.

Monthly Coaching

Basic monthly coaching program. No matter where you are in your process, we will work together to get your book ready to publish. Monthly virtual meetings and weekly email check-ins. First month kicks off with two virtual meetings. Email access for questions and support all month long.

$369/Month. Minimum 6 months.

New Manuscript Program

New book idea? We will work from the beginning turning an idea into a book. From blueprint to first draft, from revision to proposal, we will work together and get you, and your book, through the process and ready to publish.

$499 Flat Fee

Kick Start Your Manuscript

Got a new idea? Get help setting yourself up for success. We will work your idea through the blueprint process and get it ready for your first draft. ** coaching through drafting not included.

$399 Flat Fee

Quick Check

You are finished your manuscript and you're almost ready to publish or to query. Put your manuscript through the quick check process. I will give you a report with important issues needing your attention. ** coaching through revisions not included

$499 Flat Fee

Manuscript Diagnostics

A full report on your manuscript citing the issues present and the next steps suggested for addressing them. If you wish to engage in book coaching after this report, you will receive 25% off the monthly price ($321.75/month) for 3 months.

$599 Flat Fee

Manuscript Analysis: Deep Dive

A robust report citing issues, suggested remedies, and specific examples for you to follow. I will provide examples from your work and show you how I suggest fixing them. You can then follow these suggestions and examples for the full manuscript. If you choose to use monthly coaching after this report, you will receive 25% off the monthly price (321.75) for 4 months.

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