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Check out the FAQs below. If you don't find what you're looking for, or if you want to touch base, feel free to send an email or use the contact box below!


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What are your prices?

Prices can change based on project specifics, but average prices are as follows: developmental editing $0.03/word, line editing $0.025/word, proofreading $0.02/word. Book coaching and manuscript evaluations have different tiers and can be found on their info pages.

Do you work with non-fiction?

At this time I have tailored my business to work on fiction only. However, get in touch, I may be able to refer you to someone :)

What editing do I need?

Often, clients don't know what type of editing they're looking for. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your needs. I also offer free sample edits for editorial services and consults for book coaching. I can also discuss manuscript evals in more depth (which are often a really great and budget-friendly option!).

How do I get published?

I am not a publisher myself, but I do have information about the business. I can often coach you through the query process (a coaching program with sessions to help you begin the process and polish your query letter) to impact your chances of success. I can also discuss ways I can help with self publishing, including offering referrals for services I don't offer.