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What do I do, anyway?

If you're here, you probably clicked one of the "find out more" buttons on the home page. Or, perhaps, you navigated here from the menu. Either way, hi!

So I guess you want to know what I do. For some in-depth and specific info, navigate to one of the services sub-pages, such as copy editing or line editing.

Generally, though? I work with words. I love words and writing. I work with fiction, non-fiction, blogs, articles, essays, academic papers, and more. 

I put you first. This is your work and you get to steer the ship. Depending on the scope of work, I may make edits, suggest edits, or even write for you. What I do is up to you. When editing, I use Track Changes and you can accept or reject my edits or comments. When writing, I am using your voice, tone, and idea. We work together.

I most certainly do not hack at, delete, and rewrite your work. Unless that is what you ask of me!

Please check out my sub-pages for more information on my editorial, proofreading, and ghostwriting services.


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